Welcome to the Suitcase Bakery pre-order menu which will be available for pickup at the Denville Farmers’ Market on Sunday January 24th Winter Market, hours 10:00am – 1:00pm (**NOTE winter market hours). This month we have a new Toasted Coconut Dark Chocolate Marshmallow that is indulgent in cocoa or delicious alone. Also this will be the last market for the Cranberry Bun, and Gingerbread Cookies so get them while you can…

January 24th Denville Farmers’ Market

Please order by Thursday, January 21st. Ordering instructions at the bottom of the page.

Baked goods inspired by our travels around the world…

Rice Pie – with egg butter – Karelian Piirakkaa
Rye crust filled with creamy rice filling, from Finland. Best served warm, by heating in oven, and top with compound egg butter.
$3.50 per pie, comes with egg butter

contains: wheat, milk, egg

Wheaten Bread – Irish Wheaten
Whole wheat and wheat bran bread that is a hearty slice of Ireland.
$7 per loaf

contains: wheat, milk

Orange Raisin Bread – Julekake
An orange and raisin bread from Norway, delicious toasted.
$7 per loaf

contains: wheat, milk, egg

English Muffins
Fork split and toast up our English muffins, and pair with butter or your favorite jam.
$5 per order (3 muffins included per order)

contains: wheat, milk, egg

Gingerbread Cookie Sandwich
Our Suitcase gingerbread cookie is a soft gingerbread cookie sandwiched with a cream cheese filling. The gingerbread is spiced with cinnamon, ginger, and a hint of cloves. One order of gingerbread sandwiches $5 (contains 2 cookies), or a single cookie for $3.

contains: wheat, milk, egg

Cranberry & Orange Bun
Inspired by Nordic sweet roll knots, the dough is filled with sweetened cranberries and oranges, that are twisted, knotted, and baked, We then top it with orange glaze. $3.75

contains: wheat, milk, egg

Spinach Galette
Flaky, buttery crust filled with spinach, mild goat cheese, seasoned with a Chicago Greektown spice blend.
$8 per Galette

contains: wheat, milk, egg

Marshmallows Enjoy the season with some hot chocolate and our bakery made marshmallows, or eat them as a treat. $3.50 per bag

Apple Galette
A buttery pasta frolla Italian pastry dough, filled with apples sweetened and flavored with cinnamon.
$8 per Galette

contains: wheat, milk, egg

Focaccia – Italian Herb
Thick olive oil and herb flavored Italian bread. Topped with Italian herbs.
$6 per piece (9″ x 6″)

contains: wheat

Focaccia – Italian Herb – with Olives
Thick olive oil and herb flavored Italian bread. Topped with Italian herbs and Kalamata olives.
$6 per piece (9″ x 6″)

contains: wheat

Cheddar Cheese Bread

A cheddar cheese slicing bread made from a savory dough in which cheese is kneaded into the dough and then more cheese is folded into to make the perfect sandwich. $8 per loaf.

contains: wheat, milk, egg

White Bread
Soft white bread made from our favorite wheat flour, great to slice for sandwiches or pair with a soup.
$ 6 per loaf

contains: wheat, milk, egg

Cinnamon Buns
Inspired by Nordic sweet roll knots, the dough is filled, twisted, and knotted to make our cinnamon buns. $3.50 per bun

contains: wheat, milk, egg

Toasted Coconut & Dark Chocolate Marshmallows Enjoy our bakery made marshmallows, that are filled and topped with toasted coconut and dark chocolate. $3.50 per bag

contains: soy, milk

Pre-Order Instructions

1 – Review our menu items.

2- Send us an email with the item(s) and quantities you would like to pre-order: kneadit@suitcase-bakery.com.

3 – You will receive a confirmation email upon receipt of order to confirm we have your order. If you do not receive a confirmation please send again as we did not receive your order, thanks.

4 – At the Denville Farmers’ Market we will have a separate table for pre-order pick up. Come here for your order and payment.

Please note selling unit varies per item.

English muffins 1 order = 3 muffins per order

Note for allergens: All products made on shared equipment