Return of holiday special orders!

The Suitcase Bakery is here to help during the holidays. We will be taking special orders for butter rolls, Spiced Pear Galette, Julekake (Norwegian orange and raisin bread), and Stollen (German Fruit Bread) for this season’s dinner or party needs. Order by December 19th and we will have them ready for pick up at the Denville Farmers’ Market on December 22th.

Ordering Instructions

  1. Email orders to    
  2. Provide item name(s) and quantity: Butter Rolls -$5 for 4 buns, Spiced Pear Galette -$7 ea., Julekake – $7ea., and Stollen -$14
  3. Provide a contact name, phone number and email
  4. We will send you email confirmation for receipt of your order
  5. Pick up your order at the Denville Farmers’ Market December 22 between 10am and 1pm.
Butter Rolls–$5 for 4 rolls
These are a staple of our dinner table and many of our friends.
Spiced Pear Galette – $7ea
Pears cooked with cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and honey nestled in our rustic pastry dough.
Julekake – $7ea
You have enjoyed our orange raisin bread all summer but it is really known as Norwegian Christmas Bread.
Did you also know that it is great toasted?!?
Stollen –$14
German Inspired Christmas Bread with candied cherries & citrus peel (homemade by us), currants and golden raisins.
Just the thing to have on Christmas Day toasted with a little honey. yum yum yum

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