Hi everyone! It has been awhile and wanted everyone to know we will be back at the Denville Farmers’ Market on March 14th from 10- 1pm. Check our pre-order menu for new items and order your favorites today.

March is special for us and our favorite baker wanted to share a story on where we learned one of our favorite breads.

It all began many decades when I had the opportunity to live, work, and study in the beautiful countries of Ireland and Northern Ireland. I instantly fell in love. A friend at the school I was studying at often took me home for the school holidays. One weekend, in this tiny galley style kitchen in their old farm house her mother was making bread. She would take handfuls of this flour and that and mix in some milk. There was no recipe, it was all measured by hand. Wanting to desperately make this unique bread when I returned home, I noticed she had a scale in her tiny kitchen. So when she make a second loaf she gracious let me write down the ingredient and weights of each handful. This was the Irish Wheaten bread.

The Suitcase Bakery is excited to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with you. We hope you enjoy our Irish wheaten bread and soda bread with your family and friends.

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