Celebrating Mom with a baking memory

It is Mother’s Day this weekend and we at the Suitcase Bakery are going to be baking our version of old favorite my Grandmother made during the Christmas Holiday, Lady Fingers. When I pulled out this recipe I am brought back to Grandma making delicate sponge cakes with frosting in the middle and a dusting of powdered sugar. Sweet, yet light, they remind me of her and the times we baked together and started me on this journey of relaxation through creating things from scratch.

When making the Suitcase Bakery version of this favorite memory I wanted to keep it light but make the Lady Fingers something to share with delicate Sponge Cakes and Lemon Curd, Fresh Blueberries, Blueberry Puree and Chantilly in the center. We hope you can share them with your Mom or someone special and remember happy memories on this special day.

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